Racket Stringing
Racket String Tensions
Most rackets give a recommended tension range. let us know your preferred tension and we can  
‘Higher tensions produce better control. Lower tensions increase power’.

Racket Stringing Service
A racket stringing service is offered by the club’s Head Coach, Jon Howey. With many years of experience in stringing rackets, you can be assured that your racket is in good hands
It couldn’t be simpler!
Free collection from and delivery to the club at your convenience.
Choosing the right type of string can be just as important as selecting the right type of racket since each type has its own set of characteristics. Click here to find out about the range of string constructions available.
We are very happy to give you advice on your individual requirements to find you the string that best suits you. Contact the coach on 07770 525406 or e-mail jonathan.h@goring-tennis.co.uk

We can add a new head protection strip and even stencil your strings in a choice of colours. 
Or why not personalise your racket with a cool design of your own!
Selecting your string
(as used by Mario Ancic)
Most makes of string available.......

(as used by Marcos Baghdatis & Janko Tipsaravic)
(as used by Andy Roddick & Kim ClijstersToalson
(as  used by Guillermo Coria)